IWatch Rumored to Sell for $300

An analyst says that Apple's new wearable computer, the so-called iWatch, will retail for $300 and that the tech company will sell around 45 million units in the first year, according to reports.

Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty wrote in a research report that Apple would sell between 30 and 60 million units in the first year, according to CNET. While Huberty said that Apple's iWatch could fail, she seems to think it's likely to be a hit.

The iWatch, which still has yet to make an appearance but is expected to show up in September, has been one of Apple's most talked-about but unreleased devices. Most believe that it will be used to monitor health and body functions, as well as compete with other wearable computers such as Google Glass. More companies are building wearable devices and the market is likely to expand to $19 billion in consumer spending by 2018.

Huberty said that the iWatch would be successful because of loyalty to the Apple brand -- 90 percent of those who own Apple devices stick with them. The second-highest is Samsung at 77 percent. In essence, Huberty is betting that Apple's name and brand loyalty will boost sales and make the iWatch a success.
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