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Logan's Last Run: Jackman, Stewart Attend Special N.Y. Screening of ‘Logan'

Hugh Jackman dons the adamantium claws one final time in "Logan," which hits theaters Friday. Jackman, along with co-stars Patrick Stewart, Dafne Keen, Elizabeth Rodriguez, Richard E. Grant, Eriq La Salle and Elise Neal took part in a special screening and fan event in New York Friday as they prepared to say their final farewell to the character.

Jackman, who first portrayed Wolverine in 2000, said the evening was somewhat bittersweet knowing he'd never play the character again.

"I think we got to the real bottom of this character and who he is," Jackman says. "In the end it's a movie about family."

A man is looking forward to celebrating Father's Day a week after his first meeting with his 40-year-old daughter, who tracked him down following decades of questions. Daughter Jyll Justamond says she was working with limited information from her mother: that her father's first name was Al, he was Italian and he worked at a bar called Neary's in the 1970s.

Stewart believes what sets this film apart from earlier incarnations is the raw emotion you'll see on screen.

Fans will see, "Real people. Conversations. A lot of emotion and some sensational action," Stewart says.

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