Jailbreaking IOS 5 Might Be Harder Than First Thought

Once you go iOS 5, you won't go back.

Actually the choice may not be yours if what one group of prominent iOS hackers says is true.

Despite reports that hackers had already figured out how to hack around iOS 5, new reports this week say that it may it much more difficult to properly jailbreak the iOS 5 software for Apple's iPhones, iPads and iPods.

Developers wrote on the Dev-Team blog that Apple has made some changes to its iOS system that make it much more difficult to downgrade the iOS if the jailbreak, which allow users to add their own third party, non-Apple approved apps, when the  goes wrong.

When previous jailbreak options went bad, users were often able to revert back to an older iOS version to reset the phone.

But after playing with a beta version of iOS 5, the group says Apple has taken steps to block the downgrade process.

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