Jamie Foxx Is “Motherf***** Jones”

The upcoming comedy "Horrible Bosses," which already this week has added Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman among others, now has Oscar winner Jamie Foxx on board.

"Horrible Bosses" centers around three friends who hate their jobs and conspire to kill one another's bosses, sort of "Swimming With Sharks" meets "Stranger on a Train." Foxx's character, Motherf***** Jones, offers the beleaguered lackeys advice on murder. Sadly, the character is up for review.

So far Aniston and Colin Farrell are said to be playing two of the bosses, while Bateman and Charlie Day ("It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia") are to play to of the aggrieved employees.

Seth Gordon ("King of Kong") is directing with a script originally written by TV veteran Michael Markowitz and most recently given drafted by Jonathan M. Goldstein and John Francis Daly, the guy who plays Sweets on "Bones." Weird.

While it's in the very early stages, any project lead with folks sensible enough to give Charlie Day a shot at the big screen is worth our time. If you haven't been watching him on "Always Sunny," head over to Hulu right now and treat yourself. This is not some BS corporate cross-promo for Hulu, we promise.

And as we've said before, anything that keeps Foxx distracted from that "Laverne & Shirley" script is OK by us.

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