Jason Derulo Talks “It Girl,” Ladies, Chicken Wings

Clubby pop beats and the signature "Jason Deruuuuulo"--you know a Jason Derulo song when you hear it. We were intrigued by the 22-year-old singer-songwriter, so we asked if we could get to know him a little. And, he kindly obliged! Jason explains to us what an "It Girl" is, shares how he meets ladies, and what he likes to eat late night.

What was the most fun part of making “Future History” and your single “It Girl”?

Funnest part about making “Future History” was just being able to express myself and being in the studio is really fulfilling in itself. The fact that I can escape in the studio is really special to me, pretty much unparalleled--there’s nothing like it. “It Girl” is one of those songs that just feels really good. When I was in the studio writing this song, it was one of those spine-tinglers. I’m really proud of it.

So, what is an “It Girl”?
Someone that I can have a good time with. I like someone who has a great sense of humor. I like to laugh. Someone who is into the same things as I am, into music, into watching movies, into taking care of themselves.

How do you meet women?
In the club. It happens different every time. It could be someone that I work with… it could be someone in a McDonald’s… someone I meet at a club. There’s no usual--it happens different every time.

What kinds of things do you do to get inspired to make music?
Life inspires me. It’s not necessarily any specific thing. It’s living. Living inspires me more than anything. I write songs based on things I go through. It seems to be more vivid and more truthful if it is actually true.

What would our viewers and readers be surprised to know about you? Any secret abilities or tricks?
I tap really well, most people don’t know that I tap…

What is your favorite late-night bite?
Chicken wings

What are your favorite late-night pairings?
Peanut butter and bananas

Where do you like to hang out nightlife-wise in LA and NY?
Colony and Playhouse

What’s your favorite thing between two buns?


Now, time to jam! Check out Jason Derulo's music video for Don't Wanna Go Home.

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