Jay Z and Daft Punk's Unreleased “Computerized” Surfaces On Internet

"Computerized," said to be an unreleased Daft Punk and Jay Z collaboration, mysteriously found its way online via a Daft Punk fan site on Monday.

The track has not been released officially by either artist, but Pitchfork confirmed it is legitimate, citing an unnamed source. There is no information regarding when the song was recorded or if it will be released in the future.

There were reports stating Kanye West was involved with the track as a co-producer, but Pitchfork discredited those rumors.

Many speculate the song was created before Jay Z signed his "Magna Carta Holy Grail" deal with Samsung in 2013 because Jay Z makes lyrical references to "BlackBerry,"  "iChat" and "iTouch."

The introduction of the song uses a portion that Daft Punk later used on the soundtrack to the 2010 film "Tron: Legacy," Noisey points out.

The leaked song serves as a warning about relying heavily on technology. Jay Z raps about the impersonal nature of technology and says, "Whatever happened to our phone sex? Right now, I can't think of anything that we don't text." Throughout the chorus, robots chime in saying, "Everyone will be computerized."

A portion of the track spread through message boards last year, but the full version was released on Monday, generating hype and curiosity from fans.

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