Lopez to Serve as Judge, Producer for NBC's ‘World of Dance'

“World of Dance” will be a 10-episode series to showcase dancers’ talents in a competition that awards the winner with a $1 million prize.

Jennifer Lopez will wear two hats in the upcoming NBC dance competition series "World of Dance." In addition to serving as executive producer of the show, it was just announced she will be one of the judges on the expert panel.

"World of Dance" will be a 10-episode series showcasing dancers’ talents in a competition that awards the winner with a $1 million prize. Participants are divided into three groups: Junior (any size act under 16 years old), Upper (groups of 1- 4, over 16 years) and Team (groups of 5+, over 16 years).

"I identify with the struggles, passion, discipline, competition and exhilaration of dance," said Lopez. "I am excited that with this show we can skyrocket a dancer's career and help guide them to success."

Judges will score acts based on the criteria including routine, execution, presentation and crowd appeal. These categories are based on the original
"World of Dance" competition, which began as a single event on YouTube in 2008 and is now regarded as "the world's largest international urban dance competition."

"This show centers on the need to celebrate and reward the art and athleticism of the dance community and there is no one more passionate about that then Jennifer," said Meredith Ahr, President of Universal Television Alternative Studio. "Her role at the judges' table takes our joint ambitions to the next level, and we can't wait to get started."

The series will be produced by Universal Television Alternative Studios in association with Nuyorican Productions.

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