John Oliver: “Daily Show” Domination “Not Our Fault”

"The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" won yet again for best Comedy Series, a record eight times in a row. But don't blame the show's staff for the seemingly gaudy figures.

Daily Show correspondent and resident Brit John Oliver told us that the staff (and the show's famous host) has little to do with the Emmy stranglehold.

"It's not our fault," he told PopcornBiz at the Comedy Central afterparty. "We don't vote. It's not up to us. It's the voters. It's this mysterious Academy and no one knows who they are."

"Let's try to get this in perspective," he added. "It's just a silly award. Who really cares?"

If there was ever a year for the "Daily Show" Emmy streak to end, this was it. Stephen Colbert traveled to Iraq and got his head shaved for the "Colbert Report." Conan O'Brien became a Emmy blog-favorite to win the award and show up his former employers at NBC who had taken away his "Tonight Show" gig.

But when the envelope was opened it was the "Daily Show" staff on stage.

Despite the obvious celebration going on around him, Oliver explained that the show's staff is "disconnected" from the award process.

"We don't feel involved in this whole Hollywood TV," he said. "We work in a disgusting place in New York. It's all you people standing around in the beautiful sunshine in the TV industry (who care)."

"We come here, have a little party and then go back home."

And what if the "mysterious" Academy was actually just Jon Stewart voting for his own show?

"If it was just Jon voting for the Emmys the only things that would win would be ESPN and 'Project Runaway,' " said Oliver.

Finally, we asked Oliver if the streak would end at eight. He wouldn't answer that but did say: "I don't think people would mind."

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