Johnny Depp Has 2 Years to Learn Spanish

Emir Kusturica, the genius behind "Underworld," and Johnny Depp are learning to speak Spanish for work on their upcoming film about Pancho Villa.

"Believe it or not... Johnny (Depp) and myself have to learn Spanish. I don’t know how to direct Spanish people speaking English," Kusturica told Screen Daily in an interview from his Kustendorf Film Festival.

Shooting isn't scheduled to start until 2012 -- so they've got time.

Based on James Baker's 1996 book "The Friends of Pancho Villa," the film had earlier been titled "Seven Friends of Pancho Villa and the Woman with Six Fingers," but the current working title is "Wild Roses, Tender Roses," and co-stars Salma Hayek.

Depp and Kusturica previously worked together on the dreamy, surreal -- if uneven -- "Arizona Dream" in 1995.

Depp was on hand at the festival for the Jan. 15 unveiling of a hilarious statue in his -- ahem -- likeness.

 Hat tip: The Playlist

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