Jon Cryer Praises Ashton, Disses Charlie

But still wishes the Warlock luck in new FX show

Jon Cryer says one of the two Hollywood stars he's worked with on "Two and a Half Men" is a real pro and the other one, well, not so much.

You can probably figure this one out. Cryer had high praise for Ashton Kutcher during a red carpet interview before Sunday night's Screen Actors Guild Awards, and that, naturally, brings up Kutcher's predecessor, Charlie Sheen.

"It's a little less suspenseful being on the set nowadays," Cryer said of the show without Sheen. "When you come into work, you are pretty sure (Ashton's) going to be there."

Kutcher, Cryer told "E! News," is "up for anything, willing to do anything."

Cryer still had kind thoughts for Sheen, who has a new show on FX called "Anger Management."

"I haven't spoken with him, no," Cryer said, but added, "I wish him well. He's got a good team around him. I can't imagine he's not going to put out a good show."

Ratings for "Two and a Half Men" are up 20 percent over Sheen's last season, according to

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