Stewart, Fallon Slice de Blasio Over Pizza

The two hosts poked fun at New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio for eating pizza with a knife and fork

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio caused a ruckus Friday when he was caught eating pizza with a knife and fork in Staten Island.

On "The Daily Show" Monday, Jon Stewart took notice.

"You are supposed to be the champion of middle class," Stewart said. "Two weeks into your term and we catch you eating pizza a la Trump?" Stewart then showed a side-by-side comparison of de Blasio and Trump eating pizza with forks.

Stewart played a clip of de Blasio saying, "In my ancestral homeland, it is more typical to eat with a fork and knife."

"No, I get it, you're Italian," Stewart said. "You're just respecting your native land's customs. One thing though, were you elected the mayor of Italy? No! Look out the window of the pizzeria, do you see the Sistine Chapel or a Leaning Tower of Pisa? No!"

"You see several junkyards and a tanning salon," Stewart said. "You know why? Cause you're in f**** Staten Island, the island that isn't shaped like a boot, it just smells like one."

Stewart also took on another of de Blasio's reasons for using utensils -- the pizza "had a lot on it."

"You of all people are worried about holding your pizza? You and your Kong hands?" Stewart said of de Blasio, who stands 6 feet, 5 inches tall. "You know that big wood thing they use to slide pizza into the oven? That thing was built off of one of your hands."

Stewart ended his rant by giving de Blasio some credit, saying former Mayor Bloomberg would have an assistant “cut it up, chew it, and then feed it to him like a baby bird."

Jimmy Fallon also weighed in on de Blasio's supposed pizza faux pas. 

"People here in New York are still getting to know our new mayor Bill de Blasio, and I don't know if this is helping," Fallon said.

"New Yorkers are really upset about this," Fallon continued, "because everyone knows the correct way to eat pizza is hunched over a trash can on the street after a night of drinking."

The late-night host mimed eating pizza over a trash can and vomiting.

"That's right, Bill de Blasio's first scandal in office is eating pizza with a knife and fork," Fallon said. "When he heard that, Chris Christie was like, 'Wanna trade scandals?'"

You can watch the Stewart and Fallon clips below.

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