Jonah Hill's Career as “Adventurer” Poised to Start

Filming of Jonah Hill's script based on the best-selling "The Adventurers' Handbook" could begin before you know it.

"I think we’re going to shoot that this year!" Hill told Movie Line while at Sundance to promote his new movie, "Cyrus," in which he plays a young man fighting his mom's new boyfriend for her attention. The idea, he said, sprang from his favorite  childhood movies.

"('Goonies' for twentysomething dudes) would be great. I think we just really liked "Indiana Jones," and "Goonies," and adventure movies from the ’80s when we were growing up. We just thought it would be really cool to write a movie with guys in their mid-to-late 20s going on an adventure thinking it’s going to be like "Indiana Jones," and it turns out more like "Three Kings." Like, oh! There’s guys actually trying to kill us. It’s really fun."

Hill plays an engineer isolated from his family, while Jason Segel is set to play an alcoholic musician stuck as a backup, and Jason Schwartzman as a pampered Grammy winner, according to The Playlist. A fourth "Adventurer" is as yet uncast.

Hill is usually good for a laugh, Segel is a huge talent and Schwartzman's work on "Bored to Death" has made us forgive a lot of the garbage he's done in the past, so we'll keep an eye out.

But excuse us if we don't share Hill's enthusiasm. Wasn't it just last week he said he was gonna start shooting his "21 Jump Street" movie any day now? There's nothing like the power of positive thinking...

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