Prankster Gets Surprise After Giving Homeless Man $100

A prankster got a big surprise when he tried a social experiment to see how a homeless person would spend $100.

YouTube star Josh Paler Lin, whose channel has more than 711,000 subscribers, followed the destitute man after giving him the cash.

"It's nice meeting you," Lin said before walking away from the man. "I hope you have a good use for the money."

The man's first stop was a liquor store. He left with several bags and walked to a nearby park.

But instead of liquor, the man pulled food from the bags and proceeded to share it with his fellow homeless.

"My heart was crushed," Lin told "Today."

After seeing what the homeless man -- whose name is Thomas -- did with the money, Lin explained his experiment, apologized and gave him more. 

Lin also set up a crowdfunding page to raise money to help Thomas get off the streets. Donations have topped $75,000.

"People think I changed his life," Lin said, while maintaining that the video was not staged. "For me, it's completely the opposite. I feel that he changed my life."

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