Judge Asks Google for List of Paid-Off Bloggers

While many may have forgotten the Oracle vs. Google patent infringement lawsuit, it's still going on in San Francisco and the judge has ordered both Google and Oracle to give up a list of paid-off tech bloggers.

In essence, both companies will have to inform the court of any authors, bloggers, commenters or journalists who they have paid to comment or write about the case, according to BuzzFeed. According to the court order, each side will file a statement listing all of its paid-off writers by noon on Aug. 17. 

So is Judge William Alsup looking for some stealth bloggers or does he have someone in mind? There's been some wild speculation about who might be on the list, but there likely won't be any surprises -- such as the entirety of the Wall Street Journal being paid off by Oracle. Alsup said in the order that he wants the list in case of an appeal, but others, including the Electronic Frontier Foundation believe that something might be behind the order. A whole underground of for-pay press coverage perhaps?

We will be eagerly awaiting Aug. 17 to see if we know anyone on the list.

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