Inside the Royal Hospital Suite: “It's Like a 5-Star Hotel”

Former patient Georgie McGrath talks to E! News about her experience at The Lindo Wing, where the Duchess of Cambridge is due to give birth

It seems like as though the Duchess of Cambridge will be quite comfortable with her hospital suite.

We've already shared that the pregnant royal's room at The Lindo Wing of St. Mary's Hospital in London is very lavish (and expensive!), but Georgie McGrath, a woman who has given birth to two babies in The Lindo Wing, dished just how fancy and accommodating the suite is for expectant mothers.

"Well, The Lindo Wing is like a five-star hotel effectively. You have an extremely nice room," McGrath told E! News.

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She went on to describe the furniture and bedding of the suite, "You've got your duvets and nice comfy pillows. You have a sofa in there, chairs, fitted wardrobes," before talking about the delicious menu.

"The food is delivered to you. You have a proper menu, so all--in fact you could probably ask for whatever you want and it'll be delivered for you. You have a wine menu, there's champagne, Diet Coke, coffee, tea--you name it. You could go in and say, 'Could I possibly have a Lobster Thermidor?' or whatever and it will arrive," she explained.

McGrath continues to say that although this will be Middleton's first child, she doesn't need to worry about the delivery.

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"When you arrive here, you have the midwife, you have the nurses, the nursery nurses, you have your consultants, so you really don't have to know much because everything is done for you, literally, you don't have to lift a finger and they're there at your every whim and they'll do it for you."

An extra perk for those staying at The Lindo Wing, is the opportunity to have a special date night with your hubby after the baby is born. Yep, we're being serious.

"Once you've had your baby, you can have a special evening when the baby will go into the nursery, the nursery's nurses will look after it, and you have a special menu for you and your husband, with champagne, nice food. Just to prepare you for the next 18-odd years of hell that could be in front of you," she quipped.

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