Kindle Preparing an Upgrade

Amazon is looking at a do-over for it's iPad competitor, Kindle Fire.

The company has said that within two weeks they will be updating the software for the device, addressing multitouch and "other performance issues," according to the New York Times and

Critics -- both professional and consumer-level -- have been all over the map when it comes to reviewing the device, ostensibly the only real competitor to iPad thus far. A software update only makes sense, given the obvious nature of the device's shortcomings.

Solving the interface via software is a no-brainer, but storage issues may be more stormy. Maybe Amazon opens its huge server farms to allow Fire users to store more in the cloud?

Kindle, according to, is expected to ship 3.9 million units this quarter. Estimates of iPad sales are between 12 and 13 million. Price points differ here, too, with Kindle at around $200 and iPad 2's at around $500.

Other Kindle news puts a simple hack on the radar that is, at present, merely a gateway for potentially more adventurous hackers.

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