Klout Sells for $100 Million

Klout, a startup that measures social media influence from 1 to 100, may be sold for $100 million, according to a report.

Lithium Technologies is planning on buying the San Francisco-based Klout for a number in the "low nine figures," according to the Re/Code. Lithium creates "social customer experience software" to businesses, so the Klout acquisition would makes sense for its clients.

The six-year-old Klout, on the other hand, has been stagnating and living off its $40 million in funding for the last few years and gone through a few different incarnations to drum up usage, including giving users "perks" to tweet about companies or people.

The S.F.-based Lithium raised $50 million last year, meaning it has $150 million in investment already. It's also touting its IPO already, so Lithium needed a highly visible acquisition to expand its services.

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