Must-See Cars at the LA Auto Show

These cars aren't for everyone, but they will attract a crowd at the LA Auto Show.

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Jonathan Lloyd
Aston Martin DB5: Nobody walks by the "James Bond" car without stopping to look. It's in the Concourse along with some of Aston Martin's modern cars. It's one of the cars LA Auto Show visitors must see.
Jonathan Lloyd
The modern Astons aren't bad either.
1965 Gt 350 "Barnfind:" This GT 350 was invoiced to the first Shelby dealer in California. The owner put the car in his garage in the early 1970s, and it stayed there for nearly 40 years.
Shelby Daytona: One of the great American road racing cars of all time.
Lotus: Several models are in the Concourse area
Jonathan Lloyd
BMW i8 Spyder: It's a concept car that requires a close look to appreciate the high level of functional design.
Jeremy Scott smart Car: The fashion designer gave this smart car wings.
Jonathan Lloyd
The wings have light-up details.
Jonathan Lloyd
Fisker Karma: The luxury sports sedan has several features that stand out, including its plug-in hybrid system.
The Fisker's solar panel roof takes advantage of the sun to provide energy.
Jaguar F-type convertible: It's hard not to notice Jaguar's new sports car.
Jonathan Lloyd
Hyundai Veloster concept: The car has several quirky features, including a roll-top roof designed to provide more cargo space.
Fiat 500e: The electric version of the little hatchback.
Jonathan Lloyd
Nissan Delta Wing racer: The radically different race car design debuted on the world's biggest endurance road racing stage -- the 2012 24 Hours of Le Mans, where it retired after it was bumped off track by another competitor. Behold, a bold step in automotive design.
Audi A6: Audi announced a new range of turbo-diesel powered models will be available in the United States -- TDI versions of the A8, A7, A6 and Q5 are coming soon. Behind the A6 is the Audi Clean Diesel Clock.
Viper SRT: The menacing Viper is back.
Jonathan Lloyd
NSX Concept: The re-invention of the Acura NSX sports car.
Jonathan Lloyd
Mercedes-Benz Ener-G-Force concept: The towering SUV of the future is a bulked up mass of tires and grille.
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