Design Challenge: Highway Patrol Vehicles of 2025

Honda, GM, BMW and Mercedes-Benz offer their takes on "Highway Patrol Vehicles of 2025," the LA Auto Show Design Challenge.

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This year's LA Auto Show Design Challenge asked studios for their takes on highway patrol vehicles of 2025. Designers with BMW, Honda, GM and Subaru considered "emission concerns, population growth and transportation infrastructure" in creating these crime-fighters of the future.
BMW Group DesignworksUSA: E-Patrol (Human-Drone Pursuit Vehicle). The mothership pursuit vehicle can deploy three drones to pursue the subject by land and air.
The Flying Pursuit Unit would be dispatched to feed aerial images to the CHP network. A one-wheel ground unit is designed to slip through traffic, lane-splitting its way to the fleeing driver's vehicle, then feeding data back to the main pursuit unit.
General Motors Advanced Design California: Volt Squad
Fleeing driver, meet the Volt Squad -- three vehicles powered by an advanced electronic propulsion system designed to observe, engage and pursue. The observational unit resembles a single-seat flying motorcycle, seen here in pursuit of a suspicious looking muscle car.
The pursuit unit seems capable of immobilizing the subject with its menacing appearance.
Honda North America: CHP Drone Squad
The two-vehicle Drone Squad is designed to handle the "harsh environment of California highways," possibly by flying over most of them before landing next to the subject.
Inside the Drone Squad patrol unit.
Honda Japan: "CHiPs” 2025 Traffic Crawler
Cue the CHiPs theme music, here comes the electric fuel-cell version of the CHP patrol vehicle.
Honda offers a "new patrol vehicle that offers sporty mobility with the toughness to respond in severe traffic situations."
Mercedes-Benz Research & Development North America: Ener-G-Force
The Ener-G-Force is based on the iconic G-Class SUV -- boxy, but cool. The purposeful looking G-Class, in production since the 1970s, gets the Design Challenge treatment inside and out.
The concept G's sharp angles are softened and its powertrain would rely on hydrogen. The aggressive tire tread suggests this is the pursuit vehicle for off-road duty. The rendering above suggests catsuits are in by 2025.
Subaru Research and Development: SHARC
All good things from the future have solid acronyms. Subaru Highway Automated Response Concept (SHARC). Designers assumed "Hawaii's sparkling new inter-island Paradise Highway" would be open by 2025 -- and the deflatable SHARC is the vehicle to patrol it.
After duty, the Kevlar composite fabric vehicle is deflated and returned to its "protective barrel launcher" where it will be stored until its next crime-fighting opportunity. The winner of the Design Challenge will be announced at the LA Auto Show, Nov. 30 - Dec. 9 at the LA Convention Center.
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