Lady Gaga's Kiss Has Nothing on My Girlfriend's: NYC Mayor

The mayor and the pop superstar smooched at midnight in Times Square

Just how good a kisser is Lady Gaga?

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg wants the world to know that while he may have shared a New Year's kiss with the pop star, it was nothing compared to the one he got later from his longtime girlfriend.

The 69-year-old politician and youthful pop star locked lips shortly after leading the Times Square crowd in the final-minute countdown to midnight. They made quite a pair: he in an old-fashioned American-flag sweater, she with her eyes hidden behind a towering, sparkly mask.

"Lady Gaga is very charming," Bloomberg said when asked about the kiss Tuesday. "She's a young lady who grew up and went to school here in New York City. She's obviously a great entertainer."

He added the pop superstar told him she was "a little nervous" about her appearance because New York City was her home.

Bloomberg said he'd "be remiss" if he didn't say that "the best kiss of the night came after that, from Diana," referring to Diana Taylor, his girlfriend.

He said Gaga "couldn't be nicer" and that she posed for pictures with him, Taylor and his daughter Georgina afterward.

Bloomberg also called Gaga "a young lady," noting that she's about the same age as his daughter.

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