Julianne Moore: Tragedy Becomes Less Appealing the Older You Get

Julianne Moore has never really hidden from comedy, with roles in "Nine Months" and "The Big Lebowski" on her resume, but she's always been considered more of a dramatic indie actress. Until recently.

Moore cracked us up, whether you bought her Boston accent or not, with a great turn on "30 Rock" as Alec Baldwin's pot-roast tough girlfriend. In her new film "The Kids Are Alright," Moore manages to bring brushes of comedy into a touching story about a long-time lesbian relationship (starring alongside Annette Bening).

The 49-year-old actress chalks the move towards laughter to maturation."Lately I've been interested in comedy," she said at the "Kids" press day. "I think that life is hard. I think about what I want to see and what people respond to. Tragedy becomes less appealing the older you get."

She scoffs at the notion that the drama is more difficult to mine. "Comedy is hard," she insists.

While the must-see "Kids" begins to platform open across the country on July 9, Moore is ready to take on more hilarity with Steve Carell in "Stupid, Crazy Love." Her motivations for joining this project are pretty clear.

"I'm just crazy about Steve Carell," she insists. "I'm very excited to get to work with him."

As far as "30 Rock" goes, Moore's character Nancy Donovan might have been on the losing end of a love triangle -- but don't count her out yet. She might pop up again.

"She's not in the ground, she's not dead," says Moore of Donovan. "So yeah, who knows? We never found a body."

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