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Latina Volunteer in Texas Helps Hundreds of People Get Vaccines

Selina Herrera
Selina Herrera

In less than a month, Selina Herrera registered over 600 people to get COVID-19 vaccine appointments in Texas' Rio Grande Valley area.

Her volunteer initiative began when Herrera, 26, took it upon herself to register her relatives because she was the tech savvy one in her family.

The Texas resident figured that if her Latino family had trouble finding appointments — and she had time to do it — she could register others who might have difficulty doing so, such as native Spanish speakers, the elderly or people with disabilities.

"There are just so many barriers, and this is the solution I had," Herrera said. "I could offer this."

"I've been fortunate enough to be able to catch these appointments for them, and I just have to thank my really fast thumbs and super-speed internet, which I know many people may not have," she said.

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