Learning to Reciprocate: The Advantages to Partnering in Innovative Ways

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Karl Ronn, managing director for Innovation Portfolio Partners in Palo Alto, told Press:Here that partnership can speed growth and even create another business.

"Partnerships are extremely valuable to creating additional growth," he said to Press:Here. "(With technology if offers) the opportunity to partner with the world to create something new while maintaining that current business."

Ronn's new book, The Reciprocity Advantage, details these partnerships and how they have value. He even cites the development of the super-exclusive TED talks and its offshoot, local TEDx events where experts from all spheres can give lectures.

Partnering with others can help but they must always be a little challenging. This may be more apparent to asymmetrical partnerships with a small startup pairing with an established company. "In those situations, you really want to define the reason for that partnership," he said, also suggesting that each partner "grow small" together.

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