LiLo: “The Tabloid Stuff, That’s Not Me”

Starlet says her recovery is the top priority

Lindsay Lohan said she knows reclaiming her Hollywood career will be an uphill climb, but she's ready to get started and doesn't want to be known for "the tabloid stuff."

"That's not me," she told "Extra's" Jerry Penacoli. "I don't like the attention."

In her first interview since leaving rehab in January, Lohan, 24, said she is doing well, but knows she can't just proclaim herself back in the good graces of show biz.

"I feel great," Lohan said. "I feel happy. There's always you know, things, you know bumps that we have in the road. As long as I'm focusing on the one thing that I know I need to put first in my life which is my recovery. I'm doing good and that's important for me."

She said she spent her time at the Betty Ford Center reading, writing and relating to others who were seeking help for addiction. Lately she misses "being on set," Lohan said.

When Penacoli asked who she would like to work with, the troubled actress slowed it down, alluding to the fact that there are business reasons why getting work won't be easy until she shows she has her act together.

"I think that that's something that I will be able to say when I've proved, taken the steps that I need to take to prove that I can be insurable again," she said. "I think that will come in time, where I'll be in a position to even say that. Because I don't think that I am right now. I don't think that would be fair.

"To just say, 'Oh, this is who I want to work with and expect that to happen. No, I have to build my way back up, and I get that."

Lohan has legal clouds shadowing her. She is being investigated in the theft of a necklace that went missing from an LA jewelry store days after she was released from a 90-day rehab stint. Even if she beats that charge, it could be deemed a violation of her parole, which would mean a return to jail.

Lohan remains on probation for a 2007 drunken driving case. She was sent to rehab by a Beverly Hills judge after she violated probation for a DUI and tested positive for alcohol. The actress, who also starred in "The Parent Trap" and "Freaky Friday," was first busted May 26, 2007, when she drove a Mercedes-Benz into a hedge along Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles.Two months later, she was arrested again in Santa Monica on suspicion of DUI and possession of cocaine.

She agreed to plead no contest and was sentenced to a day in jail and three years' probation. That term was extended by a year for not completing alcohol-education classes on schedule.

In July, she missed a required probation hearing before Beverly Hills Superior Court Judge Marsha Revel, saying her passport was stolen while she was at the Cannes Film Festival, and the judge sentenced her to 90 days in jail. She spent 13 days behind bars before being released again. As part of her sentence, she was ordered to rehab.

She had a minor part in last September's "Machete,"  but a role as porn legend Linda Lovelace fell through amid her legal woes.

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