Lindsay Lohan Owes $94K in Back Taxes

Isn't that how they took down Capone?

Isn't that how they finally took down Capone? 

Lindsay Lohan's messy personal life finally seemed to be on the verge of stabilizing after fulfilling her probation obligations and scoring a hefty paycheck to pose for Playboy magazine. There was even talk of her playing Elizabeth Taylor in a Lifetime movie.

But the clouds haven't parted just yet. E! News is reporting that Lohan owes the U.S. government $94,000 in unpaid taxes.

A lien was assessed against Lohan's house for the amount of the unpaid tab.

Steve Honig, Lohan's official spokesperson, declined to issue a statement on the matter, saying, "We're not commenting on her personal financial situation."

Adding to the stress is a lawsuit that has been filed against Lohan by a paparazzo who claims he was hit by a car Lohan was riding in as the 25-year-old attempted to flee photographers outside a Hollywood club. The incident allegedly took place two years ago.

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