Boy Who Wanted to Run for President Bawls at Hillary Clinton Announcement

One little boy is very, very upset that Hillary Clinton is running for president.

In a video posted to Facebook by Erin Celello in Wisconsin and viewed by more than 55,000 people, a boy named Zeke can be seen bawling after watching the former New York senator’s video announcing her presidential campaign.

But he’s not upset about the former first lady’s political stances or her use of private email while secretary of state.

“I wanted to run for president,” he wails with a pacifier in his mouth.

His mother, who is filming the video, can be heard asking what makes Zeke qualified for the job. He tells her, if elected, he’d play with toys and says he’d be able to handle the other requirements for the job.

“So you’re Zeke and you’re running for president?” Celello asks.

“I’m running for president,” he replies.

When the boy's mom asks him what he would do as president, he tearfully says, "Play." 

The now viral video was posted to Facebook Sunday.

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