Little River Inn: Crab Fest Getaway

Sign up for one of two crab-themed specials at the Mendo coastal property.

THERE ARE RELATIONSHIPS... between what actions we take and what immediately follows the action in question. If we flip a light switch the room we're in will grow brighter. If we eat a delicious sandwich, we'll feel sated. And if we find ourselves at an exquisitely appointed property that's a short walk from the Mendocino Coast, we'll start dreaming of a seafood delicacies, such as crab in all of its luscious, butter-dippable, spice-salted forms. Finding ourselves in such a daydream of a spot and also discovering that a major crab-themed event is happening is a bonus of the butteriest sort, but you don't have to work too hard to connect an effort and an action on this one: The historic Little River Inn is celebrating the annual Mendocino Crab, Wine & Beer Festival with a package called...

SLEEP WITH THE CRABS: The Sunday-Thursday package includes a bevy of offerings, including a fireplace room (with a view out onto the ocean), a trip on a charter boat (catch it from Fort Bragg), and some tasty add-ons like a "(b)ottle of crab-friendly Mendocino County Wine." For sure, you'll be catching crabs while out on the water (and the chance to eat your catch, too, for a small additional cooking/cleaning fee). If you don't want to go the full package, there's the Crabbiest Rate on the Coast, a deal that nets you some solid savings on rooms from the first of January through to the end of the month (for example, you'll save fifty bucks on a Seaside Luxury Room). And when's the Little River Inn's yearly Crab Feed? Why that's steaming up the historic getaway, figuratively and deliciously, on Jan. 20. For all the dates, to-knows, prices, asterisks, and claw-cool perks, crab-walk over to the Inn's online HQ.

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