“Logan's Run” Remake Has Hot New Director

A proposed remake of cheesy 70’s sci-fi flick “Logan’s Run” has been batted around Hollywood for a while now. It’s one of those projects that’s been in turnaround for so long, it’s almost unnatural to think of it as something that will become real. Not unlike flying motorcycles, or “Chinese Democracy.” But it appears Hollywood is finally ready to move forward the tale of Logan, and they’ve got a hotshot young director ready to helm it. From Borys Kit over at the Heat Vision Blog:

“Logan’s Run” might be getting a new pair of legs with Carl Rinsch, who is in talks to direct Warner Bros.’ long-in-development sci-fi movie being produced by Joel Silver and Akiva Goldsman.

Rinsch is a huge name in the commercials world who’s been looking to make a move into features for quite some time. He was to make his debut with the “Alien” prequel before producer Ridley Scott decided he wanted to helm that himself, and is attached to direct “47 Ronin” for Universal, which has been in development for several years. But he firebranded himself into execs’ foreheads in April when “The Gift,” the short he made for electronics company Philips, zipped around town.

You can view Rinsch’s short film here. It’s awesome. All ads should feature people getting stabbed in the neck and robots on motorcycles. It just makes sense. Rinsch is clearly primed to direct a giant sci-fi epic. And “Logan’s Run” may be just the right project. The deal is this: in the future, the government kills everyone at age 30 to help prevent overpopulation. Anyone who doesn’t report to be killed (wouldn’t that be everyone?) is branded a runner. And a group of killers named Sandmen are sent to kill them. Logan is a Sandman who becomes – GASP! – a runner. The hunter becomes the hunted! And hopefully robots on motorcycles are involved.

This project was originally going to be in the hands of “X Men” guru Brian Singer, who has since moved on. It’s a cool idea that was foiled all those years ago by cheap effects and really bad hair. But times have changed, and perhaps Rinsch is the guy to make this thing fulfill its potential at long last.

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