Mammoth Announcement: Skiing Through Memorial Day

The March 2018 snowfall has been prodigious, to say the least.

IF MONTHS HAD MENTORS, or at least other months they approached for advice and guidance, surely March 2018, at least around Mammoth Mountain, would be talking with January 2017, a record-busting month at the ski resort. Record-busting, we'll add, in the snowfall department, as "January" and "Mammoth Mountain" would suggest. In fact, the 2016-2017 winter season was so darn snowy that the ski 'n ride destination pushed into August 2017, an almost never-done-before occurrence (it had been, actually, in 1995). That may not happen following the 2017-2018 winter, if only because the start of the coldest season wasn't too promising on the lotsa-flakeage front. But oh, how things have changed, and the #marchmiracle and #mammothmarch hashtags are telling much of the story. Surely, it seems, March 2018 has been taking advice from January 2017, for the Sierra go-to for winter fun has seen oodles of snow in recent days. Like A LOT, in all capital letters, in the weeks just before springtime's start, and now that spring is here, well, it... is... still... snowing. A LOT. Which means that...

MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND... has just been revealed as the new closing date for Mammoth. Wait, scratch that, let's amend it: It'll be open "at least" through Memorial Day, so people could be schussing into June, depending on what's ahead, weather-wise. As for what's happening in the very earliest days of spring? Break out your rulers: Some five feet, as in feet, let us repeat, not inches, of snow fell in 24 hours as the first full day of the season flowered into the second. If you're thinking of postponing your crocus enjoyment and the smelling of any spring roses to get a few runs in while the spring skiing is rockin', take note: You'll want to check in with Caltrans before heading up beautiful Highway 395, and onto Mammoth Mountain.

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