Man Allegedly Attempts to Steal Newschopper4 Pilot's Pickup Truck From Airport

In a bizarre series of events, a man allegedly attempted to steal a pickup truck belonging to the pilot of Newschopper4 Alpha while the helicopter was covering a pursuit in the San Fernando Valley Tuesday night.

Newschopper4 Alpha's pilot received word from another news station that his truck was on the move at Whiteman Airport in Pacoima while he was in the air, which led the pilot to believe that his truck was being stolen.

Flying over the airport, Newschopper4 Alpha observed that the truck was indeed not stationary, and the pilot admitted to leaving his keys inside the pickup truck because he was in a hurry to get to a pursuit that ended in Sylmar.

Newschopper4 Alpha alerted a law enforcement helicopter to the suspected theft in progress, and authorities arrived and placed a spotlight over the vehicle as it drove around the airport grounds.

Soon after, the driver put the black pickup truck in park and walked away.

Authorities on the ground located the man and arrested him, suspecting him of attempting the steal the pickup truck.

No injuries were reported related to the incident, and it was not immediately clear if the suspected thief took anything from inside the pickup truck.

The identity of the suspected thief was not immediately available, but authorities said that the suspected thief was a known person in the area.

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