Man Charged With First-Degree Murder in Death of a ‘Pokemon Go'-Playing Grandfather

Jiansheng Chen went to a parking lot to play "Pokemon Go" with his nephews, nieces, and grandchildren, a family attorney said

A man who allegedly shot a 60-year-old grandfather will face first-degree murder charges, according to NBC News.

Johnathan Cromwell, a security guard originally charged on a warrant in February with second-degree murder and the use of a firearm in committing a felony, was indicted on the first-degree charge in the death of Jiansheng Chen, a retiree and immigrant from China.

Chen was visiting a club house in Chesapeake, Virginia, and allegedly playing the mobile game "Pokemon Go" with his family members in the parking lot when Cromwell reportedly shot him. An attorney for the security company, Citywide Protection Services, has said Cromwell fired his weapon in self-defense after Chen allegedly drove his van at him.

The jury trial in the case is scheduled to begin Sept. 26.

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