Man Running 2,620 Miles to Honor Marathon Bombing Survivor

A man in Boston is running over 2,000 miles to raise money for his friend who was badly injured in the city's marathon bombings two years ago.

"Every day, when I run, and I have a tough run, I think of what he's gone through and it gives me the strength to carry on," said Bill McCabe said of his friend Marc Fucarile.

Fucarile was injured in the attacks back on April 15, 2013 - a day he says he will never forget.

"I wake up with it every day, looking at my leg, you know, and then dealing with the pain," Fucarile explained.

Despite spending 100 days in the hospital, Fucarile ended up losing his leg and he has shrapnel permanently trapped in his heart. Knowing the costs of surgeries and other hospital bills, McCabe set out to start running and raising money for his friend.

McCabe runs in races to bring attention to a GoFundMe page he started for Fucarile, asking people to donate $26 each so that he can someday give over $26,000 to his friend. He also plans to run more than 2,600 miles.

"It's 2,620, actually, we never forget that 20, because that day at the marathon, it was 26.2 miles that I was running, but I never got to do .2," McCabe said.

McCabe says he's traveled across the globe running in marathons. His hope is to do a race for every day Fucarile spent in the hospital. McCabe's dedication even got Fucarile out to join him in a few runs, participating with a handcycle.

And McCabe says he's learned important life lessons from helping his friend.

"People helping people - some people make it complicated, but it's not, its very simple," McCabe said. "If people were good to each other, this stuff wouldn't happen, and it's so simple to be good to each other."

McCabe will finish his goal in honor of Fucarile at this year's marathon - a race they, one day, hope to complete together.

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