Marisa Tomei Sued Over Apartment Leak

"Hairspray" director John Waters is one of the neighbors whose home the leak allegedly damaged.

Marisa Tomei must be hoping she's as good at winning lawsuits as she is at winning Oscars.

The star of "The Wrestler," who won an Academy Award back in 1993 for "My Cousin Vinny," is being sued over allegations that a leak in her New York apartment damaged two homes downstairs, The Associated Press reports.

One of those downstairs neighbors whose apartment was affected? "Hairspray" mastermind and legendary Baltimore-bred director John Waters.

But Tomei could get a part in a future Waters movie yet. Although his insurance company is suing her, Waters said the matter is out of his hands and there's no bad blood between the Hollywood pair.

His and the other neighbor's insurers claim the actress caused the leak through her own negligence and caused $128,000 worth of damage to the homes in their building in New York's Greenwich Village.

Neither Tomei's rep nor the insurance companies' lawyers responded to the AP's calls, but if Tomei's turn in "My Cousin Vinny" is any clue, maybe she ought to hire Joe Pesci as her attorney.

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