Marissa Mayer Doesn't Want a Merger Wth AOL

Yahoo chief Marissa Mayer shared drinks with AOL chief Tim Armstrong at the Allen & Co. conference last week, causing some speculation that perhaps Yahoo will merge with AOL.

But wouldn't that deal benefit AOL way more than Yahoo? If you agree, then you can probably see the reality that perhaps Yahoo chief executive Mayer isn't in love with the idea, according to the Re/Code.

Armstrong would dearly love to merge with Yahoo and has — in only sideways ways so far — brought it up to many, including Mayer, according to numerous sources. In his mind, AOL and Yahoo have very similar businesses and could easily combine them.

 The problem is that Mayer doesn't see it. Apparently other Yahoo chiefs, notably Carol Bartz, also didn't see it, either. Maybe it's the $3.2 billion price, or that the AOL brand has been on the decline for a while, or that Mayer isn't really feeling it. Apparently she told the Re/Code's Kara Swisher that the merger was "small, unexciting, uninspiring and backward-looking."  

But Yahoo is having some difficulties, mainly with online advertising, so perhaps the company needs some new content? We would like to think Yahoo could get more content without spending $3.2 billion to do it.
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