Mark Zuckerberg Has Biggest Google+ Following

Facebook founder and chief executive Mark Zuckerberg has the biggest following on Google's new social network, Google+, more than 50 percent more followers than Google founders Larry Page or Sergey Brin.

No. 1 Zuckerberg has approximately 21,213 followers on the week-old social network, while Page (No. 2) has 14,798 and Brin (No. 4)  has 11,629, according to the Google+ Info blog. No. 3 was Google's Vic Gundotra, Google's vice president of engineering with 13,783. Robert Scoble, Internet gadabout, rounds out the Top Five with 11,389 followers.

Scoble tweeted that Zuckerberg seemed puzzled why people would assume he would stay away from Google+, and we have to agree. Why would anyone stay away from a competitor's product when one can see it from the inside? The stranger thing is why Google founder and CEO Larry Page hasn't been more active on his own network. Better get to posting, Larry, or people might think you don't like your newest creation.

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