Mark Zuckerberg Inspires Joke Fashion Site

Facebook founder and chief executive Mark Zuckerberg was recently named the worst-dressed entrepreneur in Silicon Valley by men's fashion mag GQ, edging out Steve Jobs for the title.

Others have noticed Zuckerberg's signature style, including bloggers On & True,  who created Zuckerberg by Mark Zuckerberg, a mock fashion site poking fun at Zuckerberg's less-than-interesting fashion choices. For sale are elastic jeans, Hanes plain-white athletic socks -- obviously worn with Adidas flip-flops -- and a navy blue bathrobe for power meetings. From the site:

Mark wears Adidas flip-flops to work every day, so that he can “share” his toes – and he thinks that you should too. But if you don’t want your feet to be shared you’re out of luck, because considering Mark’s record with user data, he’ll most likely just share them for you.

 Strangely enough, there's no too-small, graying black hoodie.

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