Med Board Revokes Octomom Doc's License

Board decided probation doesn't go far enough to protect public

The California Medical Board today revoked the medical license of the fertility doctor who treated octuplet mother Nadya Suleman.

An administrative law judge had recommended that Dr. Michael Kamrava be allowed to keep his license but be placed on probation.

But the state board rejected that recommendation and instead, revoked his license, effective July 1.

The board decided Kamrava did not exercise sound judgment in transferring a dozen embryos to Suleman.

He had also been accused of grossly negligent treatment of two other female patients --a 48 year old woman who suffered complications after becoming pregnant with quadruplets and another woman diagnosed with advanced ovarian cancer after receiving fertility treatments.

The board also ruled that revocation of Kamrava's license is necessary to protect the public because probation does not go far enough.

The decision of the California Medical Board can be seen here.

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