Megan Fox Wants Kids, Fears Hollywood

"Transformers" star also dishes on Hollywood fears

Megan Fox says she wants to transform her life – with babies.

"No one believes me when I talk about this, but I'm really maternal," the 23-year-old “Transformers” starlet tells W magazine for its March issue.

In excepts of the interview that were obtained by People, the actress says that she would provide her little foxeny with “an amazing environment.”

Her only worry: that the world might come to an end before she fulfills her maternal dreams.

Fox also cops to fears about her acting and modeling ability, and reveals a complicated relationship with her female peers in Hollywood, People reports.

"I don't trust people in this industry, but I especially don't trust girls in this industry, because it's incredibly competitive, and I'm just not interested," Fox says.

Of her acting skills -- which have earned her “Razzie” nominations for performances in “Jennifer’s Body” and “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” – "My main weakness is nerves. I have no confidence, and because of that I'm always second-guessing myself," Fox says.

But Fox doesn’t second-guess her skills as underwear modeling for Aramni. She says she’s well aware she oozes sex appeal.

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