Women Are More Expensive To Reach on Facebook

A new study says that women are harder and more expensive to reach on Facebook, but men seem likely to click on anything.

An analysis of 65 billion Facebook ad impressions and 20 million ad clicks in a year shows that men were far more likely to click through ads than women, AdWeek reported. The study, "Men are Cheap" by Resolution Media shows that men only made up about 42 percent of the Facebook audience but clicked 60 percent of ads and had a 58 percent impression volume.

Women, which make up 58 percent of Facebook's audience, only had a 40 percent click rate and 42 percent impression volume.

“Females use Facebook for maintaining existing relationships, academic usage and following an agenda more than males do," said Viji Davis, vice president of marketing for Resolution Media. "Men use Facebook for making new relationships more than females.” 
That sounds like men are just looking to hook up while women are chatting with friends, doesn't it? Well, perhaps, but it does say that advertisers may chase after males because they're easier to get, i.e. cheaper. The cost for men was 16 cents per 1,000 impressions compared to 20 cents for women. The cost-per-click was 51 cents for men versus 68 cents for women. Perhaps that's why advertisers spent 53 percent of their budgets getting men's attention.
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