Michael Lewis' “Liar's Poker” Being Turned Into a Film by Requa & Ficarra

Michael Lewis has been called "the most gifted nonfiction writer in America," so it's really no surprise that his books keep getting turned into films. Now his first, an autobiographical account of his time on Wall Street, is on its way through the Hollywood meat grinder.

The directing team of John Requa and Glenn Ficarra have signed on to direct Lewis' adaptation of "Liar's Poker," according to The Hollywood Reporter. Lewis will be spending two months digging into his first screenplay.

And thank god he is writing it himself, as "Liar's Poker" has been the most misunderstood book of his career. More recent editions of the book include a new forward in which he makes clear that "liar's Poker" is not a celebration of Wall Street culture, but rather a cautionary tale. At least we can be reasonably secure in the knowledge that the film will be about the same thing as the book, like "Moneyball," or unlike "The Blind Side."

And with Requa and Ficarra directing, the men who gave us "Bad Santa" and "Crazy Stupid Love," you can be sure the tone will be even darker and more sardonic than a nice Southern gentleman (married to Tabitha Soren!) might be comfortable going with alone.

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