Millie the Goat Wins Hearts in Rancho Santa Fe

The Nevada kid joined the Helen Woodward Animal Center's Humane Education team.

OFTENTIMES, at work or around our neighborhood or at school or the local community center, we're asked to pitch in, to participate, to join a group, and to make a difference on a host of topics. You might have even joined such a group in recent days, which means that you're still likely going through the process of getting your feet a bit moist, of learning the various ropes, of finding out just what needs to be done. You're not alone: Millie, too, is at that stage in her new role, which began just days ahead of the summer solstice. She joined the Helen Woodward Animal Center's Humane Education team as a very important representative, and while she just happens to be the youngest member on the team, well, she is a kid. A kid in every sense, because not only is sweet Millie just over a month old, she's a goat, too. This cuddly kid hails from Nevada, but her new digs will be at the Rancho Santa Fe center, which cares for animals in need of a home, rehabilitation, and all manner of warm-hearted TLC.

MILLIE'S JOURNEY TO RANCHO SANTA FE... wasn't long in the scope of time — she was born in the middle of May 2018 to a mother who couldn't provide milk — but she has already had quite the journey. A few people attempted to help Millie, but, not long after she was born, she was found in a car in Las Vegas, hot and weak. She soon found adorers via a Facebook page called Millie: Princess Goat while foster mother Monique Hanson gave Millie her all, helping the kid obtain fresh health and newfound fame. And not long after? The Helen Woodward Animal Center connected with this sweet kid, giving her a sunny start in sunny California. Millie will reside with the center's two foals, Sunny and Angel — they're twins — and her devotees can keep track of her burgeoning cuteness via a webcam and social media posts. 

WELCOME TO CALIFORNIA, Millie, and to the Helen Woodward Animal Center's Humane Education team! You're sure to be a leader in your time. And, as your new Rancho Santa Fe family says, "you're one in a Millie-on," too.

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