Miramax Titles Beat Others to Facebook Rentals

Facebook-as-platform took another step forward today when Miramax announced it was offering 20 films for rent, with an eye toward selling them via Facebook, allowing users to keep them in the cloud.

And those rentals can be seen on iPad via browser-based viewing.

That's 20 films in the U.S. Only 10 titles are available in the U.K. and Turkey -- with France and Germany on deck, according to paidcontent.

Of course, Warner Bros., Paramount and Universal are already leveraging the 700,000,000-strong Facebook members, too, but the Miramax eXperience is now live on the platform.

FB users will use 30 credits to rent a film ($3), and it stays active for 30 days. Once initiated, users have 48 hours to consume the flick. (And if you haven't seen "Pulp Fiction" in a while, you may well want to see it twice -- trying to locate the Scorsese-homage shots.)

Other films available are "No Country for Old Men," "Chicago" and "Cold Mountain."

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