“Mmmbop” Ex-Boy Band Hanson to Launch Beer

"Mmmhop" will be an IPA with an ETA of 2012

Relax, they're all well over 21 now.

Hanson, the band of brothers that scored an infectious hit in 1997 with "Mmmbop," is about to launch their own label of beer. The India Pale Ale will be dubbed "Mmmhop," according to the Daily Express. It's due out next year.

"It's vital our fans trust in everything Hanson do," said Zac Hanson, who believe it or not is now 26 years old. "We are soon to be selling our own beer. I'm not joking -- Mmmhop IPA anyone?"

Older brothers Isaac, 31, and Taylor, 28, are likely hoping the suds will go over big with guys, just like their music and heartthrob looks went over with the fairer sex.

Hanson released their eighth studio album, "Shout it Out," last year. They've sold more than 15 million records.

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