Motorola Gives $200 Trade-In to Buy Android Phones

In an attempt to woo businesses into using Android platform smartphones, Motorola Mobility has launched a trade-in program offering business users $200 cash back to switch to a new Android handset.

Apple has already made inroads into the enterprise market, as well as Android, because many workers are eschewing company BlackBerrys for an iPhone or Android phone.

Motorola Mobility, which is being acquired by Google fro $12.5 billion, is aiming the program at what it calls the "professional consumer" who wants to use a smartphone for both business and personal use, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Motorola is also offering an IT service to help  users set up accounts, transfer contacts and coordinate with their company's IT departments.

Of course, Motorola also has several models ready to pitch these "prosumers," such as the Droid Razr Maxx and Droid 4. The reason?  Both comply with corporate security policies and have business applications (Citrix GoToMeeting and QuickOffice) pre-installed.

We think $200 may be enough to persuade a penny-pinching executive and possibly create more havoc for IT managers. There's a reason why Motorola is targeting executives -- because IT managers would likely say no to the trade-in. As most IT managers tell me, they are already administering three different kinds of smartphones at most moderate to large companies, and they all really like BlackBerry's administrative tools and security. However, because BlackBerry has lost any edge it ever had, and has few if any cool apps, no self-respecting person wants one. So the IT department must cater to executives bringing in all kinds of devices

The enterprise market is wide open, but it will be won by whichever company gives IT the better tools and security it needs.

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