National Republicans Love California

For years, conservative Republicans across the country have been beating up California, calling our state an example of liberalism run amok.

They still say bad things about us. But their actions betray their true feelings: the national GOP likes us.

They really, really like us!

Just look at what Mitch McConnell, U.S. Senator from Kentucky and the leading Senate Republican, has been saying about the national budget deficit.

The country can't balance its budget itself--it needs a balanced budget amendment, he says.

The provisions of that balanced budget amendment -- which is supported by all Senate Republicans and most of those in the House -- would create a California-style fiscal system for the federal government.

The amendment would establish supermajorities for key fiscal decisions -- including spending above a certain limit (Californians love supermajorities that govern spending) and yes, a requirement of a two-thirds vote for raising taxes.

That two-thirds rule is one of the pillars of California's budget and governing systems. So it's a tremendous compliment to the state that Republicans want to embrace it.

One wonders why the GOP isn't more open about its desire to make the federal budget work just as well as the California budget.

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