A Late Night Lesson in Super PACs

Who will run Stephen Colbert's super PAC if he runs for president? Jon Stewart, of course

Super PACS have gotten plenty of air time lately for the role they’ve played in the GOP primary’s ad war, and Thursday night, they got some air time on “The Colbert Report,” too.

Stephen Colbert explored the rules governing super PACs, which are not allowed to coordinate in any way with the candidates they support but which may be helmed by people close to the candidates.

Take, for example, ad buys for Jon Huntsman by his dad’s super PAC — or a pro-Romney super PAC with which Romney insists he doesn’t communicate “in any way, shape or form.” (“It is the exact same relationship he has with voters,” Colbert joked.)

So if the faux right-wing TV host wanted to run for president himself, what would he do with his own super PAC? Why, turn it over to his Comedy Central late-night colleague Jon Stewart, of course. Stewart showed up on Colbert’s show Thursday night to do just that — and to take a crash course in the legality of super PACs.

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