Al Gore Acts “Crazy” on “SNL”

Ex-presidential candidate says he'll "out-crazy" the "crazy" climate change deniers

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Al Gore just threw "boring" out the window.

The ex-Presidential candidate appeared on "Saturday Night Live" this weekend, telling viewers he's changing his approach to spreading the message about climate change -- since logic "isn't working," he'll turn to being a nut job.

"I'm just going to start acting crazy," the stoic Gore said on the show.

Among his new plans for getting the word out? Getting back at climate change deniers with high-school pranks.

"Insetad of just writing a letter to a Congressman, I'm going to fill up a trash can with ice water, then prop it up against his office door, so when he opens it, the cold water splashes all over him," Gore said.

"Then he'll find the note I left on his desk that says, 'We're melting. Love, the glaciers,'" Gore deadpanned.

He also said he'd plant trees in naysayers' front yards, then tape toy guns to the branches and aim them at deniers' front doors.

"When they wake up and walk out of their houses in the morning, they'll think it's the forest coming to get their revenge," he said.

The Nobel Prize winner and so-close-it-hurts runner-up in the 2000 presidential election cracked jokes about his near-win, saying Obama won the popular vote but that he didn't "really pay attention" to the "other one."

Gore was on the show to promote NBC's Green Week.

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