Al-Qaida Leader Urges End to Syria Infighting

Al-Qaida boss Ayman al-Zawahiri, wants a "just Muslim government" in his attempts to stop jihadist rebel groups in Syria to stop their infighting as he wants to focus on overthrowing Bashar Assad's regime. "We invite them all to seek to stop this fighting between the brothers of jihad and Islam immediately," said al-Zawahiri -- who took over as al-Qaida's leader following the death of Osama bin Laden -- said in an audio message released on Thursday by al-Qaida's media arm, As-Sahab. According to a monitoring group, clashes between Sunni militants, some of whom are linked to al-Qaida, have claimed more than 1,000 lives this month, reported NBC News. Al-Zawahiri's message was released on day two of the first face-to-face peace talks between delegates from Assad's regime and the Western-backed Syrian National Coalition, mediated by the U.N. and other world leaders in Switzerland.

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