Anarchy Reigns in Crisis-Hit Central African Republic

As violence rages in the Central African Republic, fueled by religious and tribal animosity and fed by political instability, the daily challenges facing many residents are more basic. Nearly 100,000 people are living in a makeshift camp at an airport in Bangui, encamped inside hangars and under the wings of old airplanes, NBC News correspondent Ann Curry reports. There, a United Nations official managed to pass out food for the first time in four weeks, amid desperate jostling in long lines. Elsewhere, an old monastery has been converted into a shelter for refugees and is filled with children like 8-year-old Ngaiso Chekina, whose mother, father, siblings and grandparents were all killed in the sectarian bloodshed. "Before life was not like this. We are living like animals. We kill each other because there is no justice," the country's archbishop told NBC News. Click through to read more about the violence gripping the CAR, and how it got to this point.

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