Anna Paquin: I Take Off My Bra for Sex

"I don't think the naked body is particularly shocking or interesting," she said

Eduardo Delgado

Anna Paquin said she has no problem stripping down for steamy love scenes -- even if it means shedding her skivvies.

In a bare-all interview for Nylon magazine first reported by "Extra TV," the blonde bombshell said she feels more than comfortable getting naked for racy love scenes in her HBO vampire drama "True Blood." 

The stunner, who plays psychic Sookie Stackhouse, has on-screen love scenes with real-life fiance Stephen Moyer.

"I'm sorry, maybe there are women who keep their bras on while they have sex," Paquin told the magazine. "I don't happen to be one of them." 

"I don't think the naked body is particularly shocking or interesting." 

Paquin's finance apparently has no complaints either. He and the starlet were reportedly house-hunting in Santa Monica last weekend, the New York Daily News reported

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